We provide carpet installation, carpet padding, and rip-up & removal of your old carpet as requested.

Types of Carpet


One of the most popular and widely used carpet constructions. It is often made with highly twisted yarn, dense tufts, and durable fiber, making it resistant to stains and less susceptible to high-traffic wear. Cut Pile Carpet comes in many different lengths and thicknesses, which provide versatile options for the whole house.


Loop Pile Carpet is not sheered like cut pile carpet, but instead has loops that help promote resiliency to last a long time in high-traffic areas. This type of carpet is an excellent choice to install in both residential and commercial areas. Multi-Level Loop Pile Carpet (Berber) has a more distinct style. It is made with two or three different loop heights to create easily visible pattern effects. The multiple loops produce durability and a more casual look and is typically favored for residential applications.


Often referred to as the “Twist Carpet,” “California Berber,” or “Short Shag,” because of its curly textured surface and nubby look. It is an extremely durable carpet that prevents the appearance of marks left behind.


Cut & Loop Pile Carpet is a combination of cut and looped yarn and is offered in a variety of styles and surface textures (including squares, swirls, and chevron) to create beautiful and unique single or multi-colored patterned surfaces.

What is Laminate Flooring?

If you’re in the market for flooring that rivals the look of hardwood or ceramic, but doesn’t cost as much, then consider laminate for your home or office. With quick and efficient installation and extremely durable wear-surfaces, laminate flooring has become one of the industry’s largest categories in recent years.


Before installing your laminate flooring, our flooring professionals educate you on the benefits of installing correct underlayment and help you choose the right one for your project. A low pile, high density foam pad (usually made of polyethylene or polypropylene), is placed underneath the laminate for cushion, support, and noise reduction. Since laminate flooring is a “floating floor,” (meaning is not glued or nailed down), the right underlayment allows the laminate to move freely without the worry of damage or buckling caused by friction or excessive movement.


Luxury Vinyl flooring brings the natural beauty of hardwood, ceramic, and natural stone products to a number of highly versatile installation applications. It offers a more practical alternative to genuine hardwood and stone products without sacrificing the authentic look and feel you desire.

Luxury vinyl is easy to care for and designed to handle the foot traffic of any installation space. We offer luxury vinyl flooring products in every category from the top manufacturers in the industry to meet the specifications of any project and every budget. With unmatched installation versatility, color, and style combinations, the benefits of vinyl for your home are endless.